Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

May your Christmas be full of love and happiness - merry Christmas, everyone.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

NZ Blogging By Post

I came home from work last week to discover a large mysterious package sitting on my doorstep. Thinking it was some wild, forgotten purchase made on ebay or trademe while in a drunken state, I opened it to discover it was in fact my 'NZ Blogging by Post' package. This had been sent to me by the very generous Barbara of Winos & Foodies (bless!). Take a look at the goodies!
We have:
-Kiwifruit chutney, home-made (would go well with a hard cheese in a grain bread sandwich, according to Barbara)
-Cranberry & Blueberry Jam, home-made
-Red Pepper Jelly, again home-made
-Cucumber & Mint Dip, from Shadie Stables in Pukekohe
-Macadamia Nuts grown on Waiheke Island
-a bar of Lindt Dark Chocolate
-a packet each of Sweet Basil, Mesclun & Parsley Seeds (a well received gift)
-doggy treats (unfortunately I don't have a dog, but I have friends who do so they won't go to waste)
-a Grand Marnier miniature, made with cognac over 25 years old
-a packet of Jaffas - apt given Barbara's location!

In absentia: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (devoured minutes after the package was opened!).

Many, many thanks to Barbara for her generosity - isn't she lovely! Also, a big thank you to Emma for organising 'NZ Blogging by Post' - well done! The recipient of my package (!) was Celine at An Angel at My Table - glad to hear she liked her goodies.

I have a post coming up soon - I hope you'll bear with me. Work is still hectic (apples, apples, apples), but I have my holidays coming up soon...

From the lovely Catherine...