Tuesday, December 12, 2006

NZ Blogging By Post

I came home from work last week to discover a large mysterious package sitting on my doorstep. Thinking it was some wild, forgotten purchase made on ebay or trademe while in a drunken state, I opened it to discover it was in fact my 'NZ Blogging by Post' package. This had been sent to me by the very generous Barbara of Winos & Foodies (bless!). Take a look at the goodies!
We have:
-Kiwifruit chutney, home-made (would go well with a hard cheese in a grain bread sandwich, according to Barbara)
-Cranberry & Blueberry Jam, home-made
-Red Pepper Jelly, again home-made
-Cucumber & Mint Dip, from Shadie Stables in Pukekohe
-Macadamia Nuts grown on Waiheke Island
-a bar of Lindt Dark Chocolate
-a packet each of Sweet Basil, Mesclun & Parsley Seeds (a well received gift)
-doggy treats (unfortunately I don't have a dog, but I have friends who do so they won't go to waste)
-a Grand Marnier miniature, made with cognac over 25 years old
-a packet of Jaffas - apt given Barbara's location!

In absentia: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (devoured minutes after the package was opened!).

Many, many thanks to Barbara for her generosity - isn't she lovely! Also, a big thank you to Emma for organising 'NZ Blogging by Post' - well done! The recipient of my package (!) was Celine at An Angel at My Table - glad to hear she liked her goodies.

I have a post coming up soon - I hope you'll bear with me. Work is still hectic (apples, apples, apples), but I have my holidays coming up soon...


Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy the goodies Nigel. So do you eat lots of tarte tartin with all those apples? Menu For Hope III has began. Emma, Arfi and I have all donated prizes but there are lots of goodies up for grabs from all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel,
Great package from Barbara. I cant help to think that the doggie treats look very much like beef jerky?

Beccy said...

What a georgous looking array of goodies, lucky you.

Nigel Olsen said...

What an excellent cause - I'll take a look.

Yeah, that was the first thought that occurred to me (and I was secretly tempted to try some...)

Very lucky indeed! By the way, I like that kettle of yours - very cool!

Unknown said...

Nigel, they are all wonderful!! Aren't you lucky to receive all those homemades goodies!!

Mary said...

Good to hear that you haven't abandoned us completely Nigel! And that your absence will result in an abundance of glorious apples for us to post about.
Best wishes for the growing season, (the rapidly approaching) Christmas and all of 2007!

Nigel Olsen said...

Absolutley! My first xmas present for the season. By the way, hope those bird-scaring suggestions help.

Thank you very much! Seasons greetings to you and yours as well. Your chocolate gelato is going to make an appearance at our dinner table one night this week!

Emma said...

Great Parcel! I am very glad you enjoyed the event! Hopefully another one will happen soon - maybe Easter?!

Nigel Olsen said...

That's a brilliant idea! Apples and pears would be well and truly in season, so I could foist plenty of those upon my unsuspecting target! Have a merry christmas, Emma.