Monday, October 08, 2007

Interesting Tidbits from the Internets

  • Deep-fried Coca Cola (when I lived in the US, you would see this kind of stuff at the county fair - good times!) Link

  • How to open a coconut Link

  • Cooking on your car's manifold (another Instructables link - great site!) Link

  • Flip Grater, kiwi singer and songwriter - The Cookbook Tour Link

  • Some common wine questions Link

  • Integrating commonly-used kitchen utensils into kitchen knives Link

  • Korean tornado potato Link

  • Top 10 food books every chef should own Link

  • The Anarchist Cookbook Link

  • US Prison food convention Link

  • Ethanol cocktail set Link

  • Coffee and nudity Link

  • Burn notes into your toast Link

  • Electrolux Global Design Competiton (innovative home appliances designed and submitted for this prestigious contest - it's a flash site so no links from here - just take a look around) Link


Anonymous said...

Nigel, just found your blog and loving it! We have been thinkign about making ginger beer for a while now, and my husband's first attempt at making a rewana bug died, so we are inspired and ready to follow your lead!

I was having a down day on Monday, when an uncle rang me. With a cow moo-ing in the background, he told me he was picking watercress for my tea, and he had some mussells for me too. Mum had dropped off some pokeno pork bones in the weekend. Kai (and, more importantly, who we share it with) brings my family together. I'll let you know how our ginger beer experiments go. G

Nigel Olsen said...

Awesome! Make sure you do - send me photos if you can!