Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Backyard Tech: The Kerry 1000 Fish Smoker

Ladies and gentleman, I give you: a fish hot smoker made from an old, unloved oven
! It may not look like much, but read on...

While resembling a decommissioned prop off the set of Doctor Who, it is surprisingly effective in what it does. Kerry wanted a hot smoker that could accommodate a large catch. To achieve this, and to render it safe, all wiring and circuitry were removed, along with its housing; the resulting cavities were sealed with riveted metal sheets. The elements too were taken off, along with its casing.

The warmer drawer serves as the smoking chamber, with the smoke making its way into the body of the oven through a series of holes drilled through its floor.

Being a standard sized oven, it has four shelves and when full, there is plenty of room for the smoke to circulate and work its magic on the fish. The door seal is in surprisingly good condition given the oven's age, and no smoke escaped during operation.

And there you go! A dirt cheap fish smoker, made from something which would probably have ended up as landfill; backyard tech at its simplest.
Go make one!

All this and smokey trouty goodness too - huzzah! A big thank you to Kerry for his time and all round cleverness.

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Greenfairy38 said...

The Kerry 1000 is such a great and eco-friendly idea! I like how the oven is being reused for it's general, original purpose of food preparation but in a whole new way. Your smoked snacks look tasty too btw.