Monday, May 24, 2010


Look what turned up in the mail - a copy of revered Australian chef Tetsuya Wakuda's self-titled cookbook, courtesy of Barb at Winos & Foodies! Recently, Barb ran a competition in conjunction with Electrolux where the major prize was a place at a Tetsuya masterclass at his Sydney restaurant. I was lucky enough to win a copy of "Tetsuya" - not bad, eh! It's a beautiful book, full of recipes and photographs of the most elegant food. I'd show you some pictures but the light's not that flash today because of the dire weather, so pop along to Amazon to see them, or just visit Tetsuya's site.

A monumentally large thank you (complete with fireworks) to Barb :)


Barbara said...

Glad it arrived safely. I hope I didn't leave any of my old love letters inside as book marks.;)

The photos are stunning and presented on beautiful plates.

Alessandra said...

Good win! I look forward to see what you will cook from it :-)

AnneE said...

In 1991 we were lucky enough to go to Tetsuya's original tiny restaurant (30 covers) in Rozelle. For a relatively modest set price, it was one of the best restaurant dinners of my life. Harvey waxes nostalgic about the oxtail in wonton wrappers, and I can still recall the taste of the mango and gorgonzola mascarpone tart. I've never managed to get to the Kent Street restaurant, though I ate there before he took over.

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Even if by winning this, you have given up your chance of ever winning the Lotto ;P

Anonymous said...

Well done you! Note to self, enter these competitions too as we do win stuff over this side! I agree with Sasa, lotto is mine for winning!

Nigel Olsen said...

Barb - Once again, cheers very much!

Alessandra - Cheers! I like the look of the granny smith sorbet, but all I ever seem to make are ice cream and sorbets!

AnnE - Lucky you! I've never felt much of an inclination to travel to Oz. However, given the raft of great dining establishments, not to mention world-class chefs, eating out would be one of the first things I would do upon reaching shore.

Sasasunakku & PP - what?! wot a gyp!