Monday, January 22, 2007

Rewena Bread - woohoo!

Rewena Bread - Stage 2: Fermentation
We have fermentation! There's definitely a reaction going on, with the starter increasing in size by a third! I'm going to have to find another jar. Time to feed it a teaspoon of sugar, mixed into the goo with a knife. Tomorrrow, I'll be adding half a cup of the water from some boiled potatoes. Two more sleeps until the bakeoff!


Anonymous said...

I nver heard about Rewena bread before!
the process is really fascinating, i cannot wait to see the result in 2 days!

Barbara said...

I've been so looking forward to you doing this. Looking forward to the final product. Will there be enough loaves to post to all NZ food Bloggers!!

Nigel Olsen said...

Celine, I'm equally as anxious about its conclusion too. And Barbara, as for mailing out a loaf or two, I'm thinking whoever gets me for the Easter blogging by post will be guaranteed one of these freshly baked babies!

Unknown said...

that looks realllllyyyy gooooodddd!!!