Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Secret Blackberry Stash, continued...

My blackberries, eight days ago, and now:

Grow my pretties, grow! Grow like the invasive weed that you are!


Marino said...

Yum I love blackberries.
When we lived at Waimarama when I was little our neighbour had a HUGE blackberry hedge!!

Nigel Olsen said...

There was a big blackberry bush at our old house too when I was little - it was the source of several pies over our time there :)

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Nigel,
These posts lead me to recall growing up as a young boy in northern Wisconsin. Blackberries abound and we spent many hours picking and filling our buckets, and eating our fill. We had to always keep our eyes and ears open for the black bears which loved them as much as we did. Not such a problem here. Haven't had a wild black berry in years so I appreciate your sharing here. I am thinking of a big steak marinated or covered in some sort of black berry sauce. Yum. Rave on!

Nigel Olsen said...

Or venison and berries: cherries work well with it, as do juniper berries (which I guess aren't strictly speaking, a berry). Berries work well in a savoury setting too, as you know. Cheers, Robb!