Monday, January 04, 2010

To Dry For - Designer Tea Towels

Three words: buy, their, stuff! To Dry For are a small UK-based boutique business who have the most amazing, eclectic and unique range of tea towels available for sale. Employing the talents of an array of British artists and designers, why should you put up with the same old bog-standard chequered nonsense in your kitchen? The prices are pretty good too.

Mr T (towel) -
I came across them in the process of looking for a birthday present - aren't they brilliant! And such a clever concept for a business. I'm going to buy a few as art! Check out their range of tea towels at their website, visit their blog and follow them on twitter.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful site! A kitchen just isn't a kitchen without a Mr. T tea towel!

Marino said...

awesome blog. just came across it after you were featured in the Sunday times magazine and have been reading some of your old posts about Rewana as I'm hoping my Nan will teach me how to make it this summer.

Also read the post about the Maori kai festival in Kawhia. Is this on again this year and when? I would be really keen to check that out sometime, tho I reckon something like that could totally go down in Hawke's Bay ahem, Wairoa :D.

Nigel Olsen said...

Anon - Yep, that one's a must have!

Madz - Ta very much! I hope you keep popping back, there's bound to be stuff here to interest you from time to time. The festival by the way is on the 2nd of February, a Saturday. As for a similar festival in Wairoa, why not start one up? It's totally doable.

peasepudding said...

Great tip, I will bookmark this site for my family in the UK, you never know they may think they are good presents to for their overseas family member!

Nigel Olsen said...

Alli - It is brilliant, isn't it!